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What is AWARE?

Project AWARE, a national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) initiative, has been made available to Uinta County School District #1 through a grant, in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education, with the purpose of increasing access to mental health and substance abuse services for school-aged youth.

The goals of Project AWARE are to:

  1. increase access to mental health and substance abuse services by breaking down barriers to needed services;
  2. increase knowledge of mental health and substance abuse services available;
  3. increase capacity of school personnel to recognize and respond to mental health and substance abuse needs;
  4. and to foster wellness in school-aged youth and their families.

Counseling services through the Project AWARE Grant are provided to UCSD1 students by Wyoming Behavioral Institute (WBI) through teletherapy means. Counseling services are provided by a licensed counselor for a variety of issues, including but not limited to, behavioral concerns, ADHD, substance abuse, family changes, grief and adjustments, depression, and/or anxiety. Individual, group, and family therapy services are all available, based on the student’s need.

UCSD1 school counselors and the Mental Health Aide will continue to work with families on providing information about other Uinta County community resources based on their need.

UCSD1’s focus through Project AWARE is to improve the overall emotional health of our students by providing and making accessible mental health services.

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